What is Sermon Coaching?

Sermon coaching is founded on partnership. As a coach, my goal is to support the preacher’s exploration and build awareness that empowers choice and leads to the desired change. I utilize the methods developed in the David B. Buttrick Homiletic Peer Coaching Program at Vanderbilt Divinity, which includes both group and individual coaching.

Peer groups are facilitated by a peer coach and may focus on Preacher Formation or Sermon Formation or both.

  • Preacher Formation: The preacher presents a short story about a preaching experience. The peer group listens to the story, and then begins a time of questioning and exploration. The coach helps guide and develop the groups inquiry, avoiding advice giving. The preacher and the peer group, through guided inquiry, learns from the exploration.
  • Sermon Formation: The preacher presents a video recorded sermon to the peer group. With the preacher listening, the peer group discusses the sermon and the coach encourages the group to explore what the preacher identified for feedback.
  • Individual Coaching: The preacher meets with the coach individually. If this follows a peer group session, the the coach and preacher work through learnings from the group. Additionally the coach may explore additional areas of the sermon based on the coach’s analysis. Coach and preacher work together to identify goals and next steps.

Coaching can be on an individual basis, peer group, or both. Peer groups can be formed for a single session, or may be ongoing. Click here to see upcoming offerings or use the form below to send me an email.

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I am available for individual coaching, group coaching, or coaching for a retreat or program. I am able to meet virtually or in person, including some travel. Please use the form below to start the conversation.